Free Online Classes

Looking for a new fitness solution? Looking for motivation?

We have a free class you can join as regularly as you want, to try us out. Read more below.
Access to these classes is found on their calendar event. Head to the Schedule page.

SwordFit! Sprint

SwordFit! Sprint is our most unique workout. It's designed for the fitness needs of fencers, but it's good for anyone that wants to stay fit and limber. Grab a sword-like object for class - something like a cane, stick or short broom handle.

Combatives Online

Forteza is offering small weapon combatives classes for free, while everyone is still staying inside for the pandemic.
Get a dull knife or knife-like object, and try out our Bowie and Knife or Modern Blade Combatives classes.

We have many more online class options for members. Check out our Swordplay Online and Fitness Online programs!